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Residential Roof Coatings

Liquid roofing has become very popular for adding additional roof protection on commercial flat roofs. Yet, they work just as well for residential properties that have a flat or low sloping roof.

A liquid roof coating is otherwise known as sealing or spraying on a roof over the existing low-slope roofing system. For residential properties, it is likely the roof deck already has some former material on the home that has some known problem, i.e. is leaking or water is pooling up. With flat roofs, which aren’t technically flat, but close enough, an ongoing issue is pooling of water on the roof deck. Liquid roof coatings , in today’s market, uses materials that actively resist water pooling. Thus, being designed to withstand this type of standing or pooling water.

This may seem like an easy do-it-yourself type of application but it’s not as easy as it looks. successful application and long-term performance requires proper preparation, repair of leaks or damaged areas, and ultimately proper selection of the correct primer and coating system. It’s also imperative to hire a professional roofing company that will pull the building permit for the job and do everything by the book and guarantee the work.

In general, 10 years of quality sealing is what Fiddler’s Roofing guarantees along with bi-yearly maintenance program to make sure there are no visible issues occurring.

Here some of the long-term benefits of coating your roof:

  • Longer roof life, better durability—coatings protect the roof substrate from destructive UV
  • Reduced maintenance costs over the life of the roof; and roof coatings can provide the added bonus of being a water-resistant barrier.
  • Better budget management due to predictable life extension of the roof (the opportunity to re-coat the roof rather than replace it)
  • Reduced installation risks With an energy-efficient, liquid-roof coating, the entire roof can be coated which can make your roof more energy efficient and longer-lasting.
  • Better looking roof appearance.
  • Very little to no maintenance.

If you would like to see whether or not your roof would qualify for a roof coating, please call us at 407-366-2300 and we will send out one of technicians to conduct a free inspection and consultation to discuss our many options.