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Tilcor Roofing Systems

Tilcor is manufactured by the Ross Roof Group who has been involved in roofing over 5 generations since 1942. Its stone-coated steel roofing systems incorporate cutting-edge Zincalume protective steel, which gives the tiles a significantly longer service life than typical galvanized tiles. Tilcor products provide a more visually pleasing finish and exceptional long term durability to residential metal roofs .

The Tilcor range of pressed metal roofing tiles includes four distinctive profiles Craftsman Shake, Antica, CF Shingle and CF Shake. Our Auckland, New Zealand based ISO 9001-accredited factory manufactures products suitable for all climates and environments around the world.

Installed in over 80 countries, the Tilcor Roofing Systems product range offers exceptional strength and durability in the harshest climates. Watertight and fire and earthquake resistant, our pressed steel roofing tiles can withstand hurricane-force winds and are backed by a Tilcor Roofing Systems warranty.

Gulf Coast Supply & Manufacturing

As the Southeast’s trusted choice for metal roofing for over two decades,
Gulf Coast Supply & Manufacturing has set out to provide the best value in residential metal roofs through product availability, fast and reliable service, and industry expertise.

With over 40 color options and 8 profiles to choose from, Gulf Coast Supply offers complete metal roofing products.

While metal roofing is crucial, it is only part of what Gulf Coast Supply offers. Gulf Coast Supply prides itself on offering start-to-finish products for our customers.